Soil Mix: Semi Hydro
Soil Mix: Semi Hydro
Soil Mix: Semi Hydro
Soil Mix: Semi Hydro

Soil Mix: Semi Hydro

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A revolutionary & exciting way of growing plants at home! Our semi-hydro blend supplies porous materials & detoxifying / safeguarding amendments, all to keep your propagation & plants healthy, strong & happy. As with all semi-hydro growing, we recommend regular flushing of the pot to remove any built up fertiliser & sediments: ensuring the best free flowing & working behaviour of these very special aggregates.

Soil.Ninja Fine Semi-Hydro comes in 2mm-5mm.
Soil.Ninja Coarse Semi-Hydro comes in 5mm-10mm.

Semi Hydro Benefits:
• Extremely fast root growth
• Very fast water and nutrient uptake
• Makes extremely fussy plants far easier to maintain
• Does not require regular watering (due to the reservoir)

How To Use Semi-Hydro:
So where do you start? Semi-Hydro is a completely different way of looking after your plants so if it’s your first time using our Semi-Hydro Mix, don’t forget to check out our Complete Guide before you start. If you get stuck or need any help remember we’re here to help so drop us a message anytime.

Recommended for:

  • Anthurium
  • Monstera
  • Pothos
  • Strelitzia
  • Philodendron
  • Many more fine rooted tropical houseplants

Semi-Hydro mediums may also be known as: Hydroponics, Pon, Semi Hydroponics